helps organisations to gain a competitive advantage and cut software license and maintenance costs by higher adoption of open source software and replacement of existing propriety software with a better and cheaper open source alternatives.

We are a group of open source entrepreneurs working together with various open source experts and vendors to offer the best open source solutions and resources available across the globe.


Individuals, Organisations and Enterprises

Search for propriety software to find the best open source alternatives. Search for open source software to find out more as well as get help from experts with open source strategy and execution. Contact us with your list of propriety software and let us help you to find open source alternatives and reduce cost. Our success stories include 30% YoY cost reduction of current open source subscriptions, 50% YoY software license cost savings over 5 years by replacing propriety software with open source alternatives and 70% custom code maintenance cost reduction by contributing it back as an open source code.


Open Source Vendors

Contact us to get your open source software listed with up-to-date information and categorization as a propriety software alternative. Our partner program includes support to make your software more popular, accessible and successful by offering demo sites in a cloud that help with lead generation, providing online training to build more skills in local markets and marketing support to make sure that people around the globe are aware of your software as well as handling vendor support procurement process to improve your finances.


Independent Open Source Training Consultants

Our training partner program includes a creation and delivery of the top quality online training courses focused on open source technologies. Contact us today if that’s what you do already.


Open Source System Integrators

We build a network of the best implementation experts and resources to help customers with their local open source project deployments. Contact us and join our partner program today if you’re one of them.


Propriety Vendors

Many propriety vendors have made a decision to open source their code, offer software for free and benefit from healthy and committed open source community to gain a competitive advantage. We can help with strategy and execution plan for that transition as well as help to build an open source community and manage received feedback from the market in order to improve future releases of your software to meet your customers’ needs.